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Country Music + Truck Culture

It is time to celebrate the intersection of trucking, country music, and truck culture. With country music’s unique connection to trucks and trucking, TRUCKSTOCK will attract a groundswell of music fans united in song with streaming videos, music performances, star-studded entertainment, and easily consumed educational trucking content.


A Foundation For Awareness

Due to the recent pandemic, a new awareness and appreciation for trucking and our supply chain has emerged. TRUCKSTOCK aims to capitalize on this new public interest creating content educating the public on trucking, public safety, and our supply chain focusing on the complex and impressive systemic effort that ends in cupboards and dinner tables of everyone everywhere.

The Faces of Trucking

TRUCKSTOCK puts the spotlight on American trucking with real stories of our everyday road and supply chain heroes. Build pride and recognition for your company and personnel with your participation making YOU the hero!

Social Media Campaigns

Each week a new TRUCKSTOCK HERO will be announced. As a TRUCKSTOCK partner, you will have exclusive submission opportunities for featured weekly social media stories from your company. Enjoy a fresh mix of content you’ll be proud to share on your social media channels.


Charitable Giving

The TRUCKSTOCK FOUNDATION has been formed in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Plans include creating an endowment that will help assist the imminent and critical needs of truck drivers when facing financially and other needs circumstances.


Team Behind The Scenes

TRUCKSTOCK brings together a unique top-level executive team in the music and trucking industries with over 200 years of combined experience.

The Road Ahead

As an Inaugural Sponsor, you will enable to begin recognizing a new trucking/supply chain hero each week, share entertaining trucking content across all social channels, develop special music releases, fanfare festivals, and sold out online events.

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